How to stop dating a married man

In this modern world, many people are interested in dating and most of the time people who are matured enough and conscious about all things in their life, they would make blender mistakes in dating. Continue reading

About Dealing with emotionally manipulative mother in law

Wedding is the ceremony where the two souls join together and become one or something that bonded for the life nature and the wedding ceremony is a true function when you marry your loved ones whom you love the most. In your marriage function, you need to very conscious about unification but it is also important to consider the family members of both male and female sides. Continue reading

Is it possible to identify the coworker likes you or not?

Nowadays, in the work environment both males and females will be working together and it is obvious to getting close with each other. Some of them will go beyond friendship as they will end up in relationship. In the working place several things are common to do in a friendly nature but some use to do with an intention of courting the one they likes. Continue reading