Why he never text you first but always give you a quick reply?

The through which annoys most of the girls and he didn’t text first but always reply for the message which has been sent to him. This will make the girls to think whether he likes her, he is just playing games with her, why doesn’t he text me first? Does he really like her or not? These are all the confusing facts for girls and leave them dark at most of the times. But one thing every girl should get to know is, they can’t think that he does not like or love you if he does not text first but always replies, there will be some serious matters going on in his life and he would have be in the situation where he could not text you.

If this problem prolongs for some days, the girls should not make this an issue, but if this prolongs for more number of days or months, then he might be the type of guy that the girls need for.

What to mean if he doesn’t text you first but always replies happily?

This might be because he does not know how the girl feels about him. Boys are more sensitive and cautious than girls and he may think that if she does not like him, it is wrong to disturb him.

He might not know how to speak with the girls, this also be a reason why he doesn’t text first. The second reason is that he may think that he is annoying you. He may also have any other girls who have said that he is disturbing her by texting.

he never text you firstHe doesn’t initiate contact but always responds because he might not like to talk first. This may be because he thinks that girls might misunderstand him. If he sends a quick reply, then he is willing to speak with you and he is waiting for the reply. Or you will be always texting first and you don’t give him opportunity to text first. Or he is happy with the present relationship and he does not want to go further than the existing one.

Another reason is he might be afraid of bothering you. If he text her and she does not reply, this will bother him and he might feel unwanted. Another reason is he does not like you as much as you expect him.

Mostly girls will get frustrated when a boy doesn’t text her first but always replies her when she text first. He may try to gauge the interest of the girl whom he likes. As long as you text him first, this will make him think that you like him more. Then he will know that it is confirm that she is actually into him. Than all these signs some boys are clueless.

If he like you and wondering to know what that girls things and want to know about her thoughts, he will wait for the girl to text him first and through that he can say whether she likes him or not. These are all the tricks for getting to know whether a girl like him or not.